Saturday, 13 January 2018

Don't tell Fr Themann

The recent heavily advertised essay by Fr Robinson may mean the SSPX will have to bin the rest of their Fr Themann "Resistance to what" audio CD's! The key word here is CHANGED! 

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Have things got so much better since then?

The article by Fr Paul Robinson on "the real Archbishop Lefebvre" makes a mockery of the position held by the SSPX up until 2012 regarding the importance of a doctrinal solution before a practical one. No more than those married by the SSPX prior to the recent marriage agreement, laity must be wondering why on earth they made the stand they did over the years at the cost of friends, family etc.

This flip-flopping is reminiscent of the Abbé Georges de Nantes, a brilliant mind, but whom Archbishop Lefebvre once called "the weather cock," (constantly changing with the wind.) The article below is a clever "interview" with Bishop Fellay made up of quotes from between 2001-2007 answering questions on a deal with Rome. Can anyone honestly say that he would say the same in 2018? Have things got so much better?

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

On speaking the (absolute) truth

From time to time friends still attending the SSPX justify their stance by claiming that " once the Priest starts promoting the new mass, that's it for me, I''m off!"

This argument always mystifies me. For if that argument is valid and all that matters is the true Mass and the preaching of beautiful sermons etc, then why are we all not attending the FSSP? Many of our extended families would no longer regard us as schismatic, we could enjoy the often vibrant parish life, we could argue our beliefs with Novus Ordo Catholics far more easily without the added caveat of explaining the (so-called) excommunications.  Does anyone doubt that their are some excellent priest's in the FSSP who preach wonderful sermons on the life of Our Lord and Our Lady etc?

Yet we cannot, because as Archbishop Lefebvre remarked concerning the Indult in 1989 - 
"Their speech is paralyzed because of this acceptance. The bishops are watching them! It is very regrettable that these priests are not aware of this reality.  But we cannot fool the faithful" 

Therefore we witness when it comes to the crisis in the Church, these Traditional Orders suddenly turn all Michael Voris and refuse to state clearly from the rooftops what they know to be true, that the rot goes all the way to the top.

This is what awaits, and indeed is, the present reality for many attending the SSPX. Not outright Modernism, not the New Mass but a refusal to speak what they know to be the absolute truth. This one wonders is what eventually persuaded the likes of Fr Morgan to leave, the inability for him to preach the truth unhindered. We should never forget dilexisti justitiam et odisti iniquitatem” (Hebrews I, 9) "The love of good goes hand in hand with the hatred of evil." Love of the faith is not enough, we must hear doctrine to understand error! We should not justify our stance and ignore what we know to be true for our own comforts. The SSPX was always supposed to be so much more than this.

As evil as this present Papacy is, the Ignatian two sides are becoming easier to choose than ever before. Are we with God or man? In the superb article below Hilary White gives her take on how the FFI chose the wrong side and their attempts to placate Rome ended in their downfall in any case. Which side will the SSPX choose?


Saturday, 23 December 2017

New Resistance Newsletter!

One thing that I have learned over the last number of years is the incredible disadvantage one has regards the SSPX crisis if one is without the internet. I have regularly been asked by resistance sympathizers within the SSPX for printouts or periodicals explaining the machinations of Menzingen because they are not internet savvy.

Therefore we welcome a small initiative by some attendees of the recent Fatima Pilgrimage to produce a quarterly newsletter (Auxilium Christianorum) as a way to keep in touch and promote the work of the Resistance. Let us hope for its success.

Please print out as many as possible and pass on. For best results go into print settings and print "flip on short edge." 

Or else try this version 

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The Capuchin order and the Rome/SSPX deal

Fr Chazal discusses the book distributed by the Traditional Capuchin Order opposing a deal with Rome, in an informal setting.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Stay With the SSPX or Leave?

 "For the bishop as well as for the priest, there is first of all the question of the teaching of the Faith, which is the most important aspect of his ministry: if it is no longer possible for him to warn the faithful that the superior is in the process of betraying the fight for the Faith, and if such a speaking out would spark his own dismissal, the primary mission of the bishop and of the priest can no longer be freely accomplished, and so that would be the sign that God obliges this bishop or priest to no longer remain in such a work.."

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