Friday, 24 February 2017

Once again The Remnant newspaper takes issue with a proposed deal.
 "The atypical silence of the Society over the constant outrages of Francis in the months leading up to a possible regularization with Rome does not bode well for the future, for the Society itself and for tradition as a whole.."

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Does this sound like the SSPX of old?

Official SSPX response to the posters posted up throughout Rome bringing attention to the persecution of Traditional Catholic's by Pope Francis -

"Further, and as we have touched on before, we cannot support this passive-aggressive and disrespectful method of "correcting" the Sovereign Pontiff. While privacy and confidentiality are not without their place, hiding behind a computer screen has, unfortunately, become an accepted method of public discource.  
Letters sent without signatures, anonymous emails, and posts on websites using pseudonyms are not done by men of fortitude and conviction in the truth. They are the acts of cowards, who like the mythological figure Eris, only seek to attain their goals - however noble they may be - through chaos." 
Satire: A New Way to Combat the Crisis? February 16, 2017 District of the USA

The new Rome property purchased by the SSPX

Agreement...what agreement?

In their own words

At this crucial moment in the history of the fight between Tradition and Modernism, it is important to get one's facts right. That is why we have linked to the chronology of betrayal on Non-Possumus and here to an excellent collection, without commentary, of the most important documents that were available up until the end of 2012. For those available since that time please go to the Non-Possumus link.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

More opposition from unexpected sources

Magnificat Media speaks out.
I often listen to Magnificat media radio station which regularly features interesting interviews. However I had no idea where they stood concerning the Rome/SSPX deal. The fact that the Priest most often interviewed is Fr Peter Scott as opposed to a 'newbie' was a good sign. (By the way why has his catechism course been replaced by one by Daphne Mcleod(!?) on SSPX Asia?) Therefore a big 'thumbs up' to those who have highlighted this excellent post on their blog from last year.
The radio station itself can be found through the link above.